Stefan Haustein
Welcome to my Website!
As you might have already guessed from the content of this page, I enjoy building small open source libraries, apps and prototypes.
Small C++ program to display images in a (modern) terminal using RGB ANSI codes and unicode block graphic characters
A tiny library that simplifies DOM building -- to a point where not template engine should be necessary.
Take a look at the JS Developer Tools network graph for the TodoMVC demo and be delighted!
A small single-file Android-compatible Java library for parsing expressions. Examples include a calculator, a simple CAS system and a BASIC interpreter.
A simple Android logic game: just sort some emojis -- how hard can it be? O:)
DataFlow programming for Android
A tiny XML parser. Built-in to Android.
A small library that renders HTML to native Android views, based on kXML. Allows mixing of native views with HTML with a small memory footprint.
Stab at creating something that relates to (a strict subset of) TypeScript like Rhino relates to JavaScript
A tiny mobile web IDE for Javascript
Quake II HTML5 Port
Enjoy Quake2 in the browser.
Zoomable integrated Wikipedia timelines.
A small library for "old-school" GL programming with WebGL.
An index of HTML5 JavaScript APIs, generated from the specifications
Various older mobile Java / Android projects such as kSOAP and ME4SE
A jbullet port reusing the playn gl11 emulation.
Latin Grammar
Implemented in JavaScript.